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Ira Chaleff
Author of the award-winning book 'The Courageous Follower : Standing Up To and For Our Leaders'
Berrett-Koehler, 2003

My Dear Rama Phani,

I had the satisfaction tonight of coming across your E-Zine article on 'Bossitive Attitude'. I am so honored and pleased that you have found the message of Courageous Followership of sufficient importance to be a voice for the dissemination of its perspective in India and to cite my contribution to these ideas. I am particularly appreciative of your eloquence in framing the resistance to the concept that is often found in the Indian culture, and to gently showing the capacity to go beyond this and the benefits of doing so.

I appreciate the fine work you are doing. If you would care to make this article which I have attached (view), available to your students, clients or readers, please feel free to share it. It is good that there are voices like your introducing these concepts in the evolving India culture.

Ira Chaleff
Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates
513 Capital Court NE
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002

Rene Godefroy
3589 Mill Creek Trail, Smyrna, Georgia 3008 USA

Hi Challa,
Great articles... A wealth of knowledge! You are a powerful writer! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to a visit in India.

Suryanarayana SV
e-Author and Management Consultant

"I have gone through his write-ups / articles on self-improvement topics available online following links. Readers get inspired [particularly the youth] and get benefited with the depth of knowledge of the author and the utility of his works for self-improvement. I strongly recommend and find that his articles be converted into a book."

Manjula Ravindra
Senior Consultant, TMI Network, Bangalore

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
"It is my honor to write a recommendation for Mr. Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani. I also feel that he is very kind and considerate as a real good human being. I also take this opportunity to wish him a happy, successful and peaceful life."

Software Engineer, Callippus

"He is a very dedicated and focused individual. He is always one step ahead. I wish him all the best for a great future."

Sivaprasad Bandarupalli
Business Owner, SS Technologies

"Phani is gifted trainer and a prolific writer. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspirational to all those who are associated with him. He is a highly motivated person with a clear vision of helping people and companies become better and more successful. I wish Phani all the success as he moves forward in pursuit of excellence in the field of training and people development."

Abhijaat Sinha
Company Secretary, Piramal Healthcare

"Challa's positive attitude and determination is contagious. His eye for detail and his efforts in HR were commendable. He's always wanted to bring a revolution in the HR practices and I am sure he's doing it now. I wish him all the luck and success in his endeavours."

Zameer Pasha
Financial Analyst, Deutsche Bank, Mumbai

"Mr. Challa S.S.J. Ram Phani is articulate and care to detail kind of Manager. A Sharp incorporator of the human mind and attitude, in short a perfect HR Manager. Easily equips himself into different nodes and situations and comes out with the most viable solutions for the organisation from the HR perspective."

Raahul dhillon
Associate Consultant, SBW Research & Development Pvt. Ltd

"Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani loves challenges. His work at ICFAI was appreciated by almost everybody. He is smart, diligent, self-motivated; is a good manager."

Ram Suri
Senior Business Development Executive, SoftPro Global

"Ram Phani is a hardcore HR professional with realistic approach to his objectives and clarity on his ongoing assignments thereby directly/indirectly saving huge time to his Customers/Vendors and also leverages the organisational efforts."

Suresh Sreekakulam
Sr.SAP Consultant, IBM, USA

"Challa is Valuable professional who delivers from heart and mind"

Rajasekhar Reddy Allipuram
CEO, Briofactor

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
"Challa is a great Soft skills trainer and I recommend his services. Definitely its worth to hire his services for any organization.

Dr. Anand Agrawal
Assistant Professor, ICFAI Business School

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
"Mr. Challa Rama Phani is not only a great trainer, but also a good person. He can easily connect with all and reach to their levels to understand their training needs and then provides the inputs that really prove to be wonderful. Mr. Challa is one of the best managers I have observed. He is dynamic and very sincere. I strongly believe that he is really an asset for any organization"

Sirish KK
Sr.Trainer, Soft Skills, First Indian Corporation

"Personally, I had very less interactions with Ram Phani. I read all his articles and was very much impressed the way he presented those subtle issues in HR and Training. He shared his knowledge and expertise gained from his experience in the HR and Training domain. He relates his practical experience by relating similar examples to questions posed. He was always helpful, creative, cheerful, and of the highest integrity. Thank you Sir, for all your support and information. I'm impressed and admire your knowledge bank. Wish you good luck in all your assignments."

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
"I know Mr. Challa SSJ Rama Phani for more than a decade. He is very knowledgeable person with great IQ and it reflects in his every session of training. His way of training is very different with that of others and he is very innovative. A lot of students and employees have enjoyed the fruits of his training. I personally feel, getting the soft skills training under his guidance is a billion dollar worth. I am honored by writing a recommendation for Mr. Challa Rama Phani and its just a small drop of appreciation for the ocean of his caliber."

Sree Nidhi S K
Director, Oscar Murphy International, Bangalore/Singapore

"He appears to be a genuine and sincere friend. He is quite passionate about enriching people around him and wishes to do every little bit to enable people to do their best."

Shaheen Begum
ICFAI University

"Phani Sir is a good teacher; a strong "Motivator", initiator, and an awesome Mentor. I will sum him up as one of the best soft skills trainer in the country."

Kranthi Pasupuleti, USA

"Most efficient and effective Soft skill Trainer I have ever met in my life. He is ardent in the field of HR. I feel myself minute to recommend a well versed Man like him who is multi skilled and highly professional"

Deepa Kumar
HR Manager, NOVO I T Consultants & Solutions Pvt Ltd

"I know Mr. Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani through this website and found him professionally competent, devoted and serious in his business. I wish to work with him if find an opportunity."

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